NLS France, who are we ?

NLS France is a limousine car service bringing together French Riviera’s best private drivers, showing exemplary professionalism to satisfy the most demanding customers

Our mission

Offer our customers a high-quality chauffeur service so that their travels are done in the best conditions. To guarantee this level of excellency, we ensure that several criteria are scrupulously respected. Our private drivers carry out this activity in accordance with the strictest regulations in this area. They hold a professional chauffeur license and we regularly ensure that their documents are up to date. In addition, our vehicles all run with French license plates and are also insured in France specifically for passenger transport.

Our company is registered in Cannes in the field of passenger transport by taxi.

Exemplary professionalism

Private individuals and professionals will be delighted by the extra attention to detail we apply to our work. Whether you are traveling on business or visiting the region, our team is waiting for you at the rendezvous point with professionalism. Your private chauffeur will greet you in suit and tie. To ensure that your travels are always peaceful experience, we have recruited the best elements for our company. As a result, our team is very familiar with the area, speaks English fluently and is also subject to a confidentiality clause.

Our private drivers

For NLS France, providing a luxury limousine car service is not just about getting you where you want to go. We believe it is our responsibility and our reputation to provide you with the best transportation solution. That’s why all our drivers are Alpes-Maritimes natives and/or residents and are all holders of the official professional chauffeur card. They will always be able to choose the most appropriate route depending on the state of the road and traffic. By optimizing our routes, we hope to save you time so that you can spend it on something more essential once you reach your destination.


Our team of private drivers stands out for their keen sense of service. For example, if you plan to take the plane to make a stopover on the French Riviera, your private driver will wait for you in the airport’s main hall at the passengers’ exit, holding a sign with your name written (according to the instructions given). Once your luggage is in the trunk and you are comfortably installed, the driver will ask you to confirm your destination to avoid any misunderstanding.


Do not hesitate to request any additional services when booking your private chauffeured race. We will be able to anticipate your needs so that you spend the most pleasant stay in the region. For example:

  • We can deliver a SIM card to use the French mobile phone network upon your arrival.
  • To thank your hosts for their welcome, we can also take care of ordering a flower bouquet.
  • If you do not know the region, we can advise you several good places to eat, have a drink, learn more about the region or discover the specialties.
  • To guarantee the best possible stay, let us take care of reservations for your restaurant, your hotel room or even chartering a yacht.

Our concierge service knows how to meet your needs:

For these extra services, we make our vehicles available to you for a period ranging from 2 hours to a few weeks.

Boat, plane and car hire without chauffeur
Hotel and restaurant reservations
Villa rental
Catering service
Shopping tours
Organisation of sightseeing tours


NLS France is committed to making your travel as comfortable as possible. Several complimentary items are available in each of our vehicles:

  • To quench your thirst, you will find Evian water bottles on board.
  • In a box made by the renowned French leather goods brand Le Tanneur, you will also find Ricola mints and Werther’s caramels.
  • If you need to freshen up, we also provide cleaning wipes, tissues and hydro-alcoholic gel.
  • For the transport of infants and young children, we provide you with adapted seats.

For payments, we accept credit cards: VISA, Mastercard or American Express and cash in euros.


For your convenience, NLS France owns a fleet of high-end cars and vans. To convey a brand image fitting our standards, we chose the Mercedes-Benz range. All our vehicles are black in color with leather interior.

  • Mercedes V-Class: luxurious XL van from 1 to 7 passengers (and up to 8 passengers in Vito version) with a large luggage capacity
  • Mercedes E-Class: the ideal sedan for all trips
  • Mercedes S-Class: for uncompromising comfort

All our vehicles are equipped with free WIFI access and have chargers adapted to your mobile and tablet.

Mercedes E Class

3 Passengers

3 Suitcases

Mercedes V Class

7 Passengers

10 Suitcases

Mercedes Vito Tourer

8 Passengers

10 Suitcases

Mercedes S Class

3 Passengers maximum

2 Suitcases

Drive Eco Riviera

3 Passengers

4 Suitcases