General Terms and Conditions of the Service

About us is a brand name of the Company NLS France, a public limited company with a capital of €8000, whose registered offices are located at 59 Boulevard Alexandre III 06400. Cannes. It is registered in the Cannes Trade and Companies Register under the N° 807818240. (hereafter the ‘Company’). The intra community VAT N° is: FR 39 807 818 240.

The Company offers a transport service in a chauffeured vehicle, with booking required in advance.

The company possesses its own vehicles but may call upon chauffeurs of independent vehicles who must comply with the identical specifications to SARL NLS France.

(hereafter the “Service”).

The herein general conditions constitute the contract according to which the Company offers and provides the Service and applies to the booking of vehicles by the client with the Company by internet via the website or by mobile internet.

By using the Service, the client accepts and agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.


The Company provides a transport service and chauffeured transportation for its clients. It is registered with the PCO Register of Private Hire Operators under the N° EVTC 006140208. and is subject to the conditions of articles L 231-1 to L 231-4. of the French Code of Tourism and to the decree N° 85-891 of 16th of August 1985.


The client is informed that all the vehicles on offer are Mercedes-Benz sedan cars and /or minivans.

Our partner Drive Eco Riviera will provide Economy class vehicles to our customers. In this category, the models are not guaranteed, and the services on board can be fee-paying (e.g.: bottled water, Wi-Fi, etc …)

For the moment, the Company is unable to offer vehicles specially adapted to the disabled people.

The service is open 24/7 and is only accessible by booking in advance.

2.1 Booking in advance

The Client can book a vehicle at the Company before the date and time of the planned ride. The maximum period of booking can be 12 months in advance, the minimum one is up to:

– 3 hours before a scheduled transfer;

– 6 hours before the scheduled car rental of a vehicle.

Reservations requested in periods shorter than the ones indicated above can be accepted only by phone or SMS / WhatsApp.
The Client shall fill in the fields given on the site and specify his method of payment.

The Client shall pay for his ride:

  • safe online payment (for VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards)
  • at the end of the ride (for payments made by cash in euros only)

After that, the Client shall receive a reservation voucher by email.

Depending on the number of reservations already recorded for the chosen date, time and place, the Company reserves the right to accept or cancel the reservation no more than 1 hour after the online reservation.

Maximum 1 hour before pick-up, the client receives the chauffeur’s name and cell phone number as well as his/her photo by text message and/or by email.

2.2 Booking from an airport/train station

In this case, the Client must imperatively specify the flight/ train details as well as the name and contact number of one of the passengers. It is highly recommended to specify the luggage type and quantity.

The Company cannot be held responsible if wrong information is indicated by the client (e.g. incomplete flight/train number, wrong date) nor in the case of wrong details pertaining to the flight/train reference given by the information services or the application dedicated to the airport/train station concerned.

2.3 Booking modification, cancellation and refund


In case of a cancellation or if we cannot accept the modification made within a minimum of 12 hours before the scheduled time of the ride, the Client will get a refund. However, an amount of 20 € will be charged for application fees. According to the bank conditions, the refund may take about 3 days, and, in some cases, up to 3 weeks.

For any cancellation less than 12 hours before the scheduled pickup time, no refund will be possible.

Chauffeur transportation (hourly rate)

In case of a cancellation or if we cannot accept the modification made within a minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled time of pick up, the Client will get a refund. However, an amount of 100€ will be charged for application fees. According to the bank conditions, the refund may take about 3 days, and, in some cases, up to 3 weeks.

For any cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time, no refund will be possible.


The Client who has paid for the ride in advance by credit card must inform the chauffeur of any change of itinerary from the very beginning, as soon as they meet up. The chauffeur reserves the right to refuse and in case of acceptance will indicate the additional charge. For all credit card payments, a 3% processing fee will be charged.


The Passenger shall receive a confirmation SMS as soon as the driver arrives. The passenger shall appear to meet the driver at the agreed time.

Airports/ Train Stations:

1 hour of waiting time is free of charge upon landing of the plane or train arrival at the train station. The additional waiting time will be charged according to the attached scale.

Other pick up locations:

A waiting time of 15 minutes is free of charge. An additional fee-paying wait of 15 minutes is possible if the passenger appears within first 15 minutes. If the Client does not show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled time of pick-up, the driver may, of his/her own initiative, cancel the ride.

Any extra time must be paid directly to the driver by credit card or by cash – only in euros – according to the precise scale indicated at the end of these General Terms & Conditions.


The service offered by the Company consists of supplying a vehicle which corresponds to the client’s booking request. If the type of vehicle requested is unavailable, the Company must inform the Client who may cancel his order however the Company reserves the right to upgrade the car class of Customer’s order without warning (e.g.: Mercedes type E class to Mercedes V class)

5.1 Insurance

The Company is insured by a reputedly solvent insurance company which covers the risks incurred by the profession in conformity with current law.

Passengers are considered as third parties towards the chauffeur and are covered for all damage: corporal, material and immaterial which they may endure as a result of a traffic accident. They also have unlimited cover for personal injury from getting into a vehicle to getting out thereof, except for any damage caused by their own fault.

5.2 Service Availability

The Company does its best to provide its online services permanently available. However, the Company may be led to suspend these services due to constraints of operation and maintenance works.

The Company cannot guarantee the constant availability of the Service, notably of the web portal and text messaging service. In particular, the Company cannot be held responsible if the cell phone or internet networks become unavailable, as well as for malfunction or unavailability of the Client or passenger’s mobile device. The Company cannot be held responsible for such device failure or dysfuntioning as well as for the reason to get unavailable, except if they result from serious negligence or intentional fault attributable to the Company.

In addition, accessibility of the Service is conditioned by the client’s use of adequate and appropriate computing resources allowing access to the Service, notably to an internet connection, an appropriate internet browser, a telephone or smartphone.

5.3 Vehicle and Transport Availability

The Company cannot be held responsible in the case of force majeure (an unforeseeable, unavoidable event) and notably in the following cases: breakdown or dysfunction of communication networks (e.g. internet, telephone) thereby preventing the availability of the telephone or online booking service, unusual traffic disturbance (e.g. demonstration, traffic accident…).

Neither the Company nor the chauffeur can be held responsible if the Passenger must imperatively be accompanied and the accompanying person is absent; nor if reachability of the vehicle is insufficient, if the vehicle cannot park in accordance with the Highway Code on a public thoroughfare close to the pick up location given or if, for any reason beyond his control, the chauffeur cannot pick up the passenger.

The execution of the transport service provision, from getting into the vehicle till getting out thereof is placed under the sole responsibility of the Chauffeur and the Passenger. Any Passenger request made to the Chauffeur for specific assistance which exceeds the booked transport service to the Passenger remains the sole responsibility of the Passenger in case of accident or damage occurring as a result of such help.

5.4 Route time

If the Client or Passenger plans to organize a ride of particular importance, and/ or, particular timing constraints, it is the Client’s responsibility to foresee enough time in order to avoid any difficulty or incidents.

The Company particularly recommends to the client to foresee 20 additional minutes for rides to stations and 30 additional minutes for rides to airports in normal traffic conditions and cannot be held responsible for the consequences of traffic conditions.

5.5 Client responsibility

The client undertakes to behave himself while in vehicle.

In the case of any deterioration of the equipment or the vehicle caused by the Client, the Company will charge him the expenses related to repair works or equipment change.

All passengers, adults and children, are required to fasten safety belts. Anyone not wearing a seatbelt exposes himself to a fine imposed by a police control.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to smoke and to carry flammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic substances. The Client and Passenger will be held responsible for failure to respect this stipulation. The Company reserves the right to use any legal appeal.

Baggage must be placed in the trunk of the vehicle. Baggage remains the entire responsibility of the client. The chauffeur cannot be held responsible for any forgotten luggage. No item of baggage should be entrusted to the chauffeur.  The chauffeur may refuse any baggage of excessive weight or dimensions as well as any he considers to be prejudicial to transport security.

5.6 Restriction of access to the Service

The Company may restrain access to any Client, without prior notice, including but not limited to the following cases:

  • The client’s non-respect of his obligations
  • Inappropriate behaviour on the part of the Client or his accompanying persons in the vehicles
  • Non-payment by the client of amounts due to SARL NLS France for journeys already made or those cancelled after arrival of the vehicle
  • Cancellation of the booking by the client after the assignment of the vehicle and this, on 2 occasions within a period of 3 months.

6.1 Personal Data

Any information gathered by the Company in the course of the Service is handled by computer processing in order to provide the aforesaid Service, in particular, the Customer’s identifying information as well as data related to booked and supplied transport services. This information is necessary to the Company for processing requests. It is notably recorded in the Company’s client base.

With a focus on optimizing the efficiency of request processing, the Company also reserves the possibility of recording and saving information about calls received.

The Company is committed to keeping confidential all personal information communicated by the Client. The Client is informed that the Company can use personal data concerning the Client in order to send him promotional offers of potential interest to him.

As soon as the Client indicates his email address, he agrees to receive by email any newsletter sent by the Company. If he no longer wishes to receive the aforesaid newsletter, he may, at any time, unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided at the end of the newsletter or by sending a written request to any of the addresses below.

In conformity with French law ‘Freedom and I.T.’ dated January 06, 1978, the client has right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning himself.

The client should send any request:

– by post to: My Nice Transfer PO box NLS FRANCE, 59, Bd Alexandre III, 06400 CANNES

– via the website: at the address:

6.2 Cookies

The Company may have to use I.T. tools such as ‘cookies’ to enable the identification of the visitor during his session on the website. This cookie remains active until the visitor has ended his session.

The Client is informed of this session cookie and that he may decline to accept cookies by configuring his browser.


The Company and its partners are the only right-holders of all intellectual property on the structure and content of the website and the associated software applications (e.g. graphics, images, texts, logos, databases, programs, software), worldwide.

The brandnames and logos present on the website and the software applications are the exclusive property of the Company with the exception of brands and logos of the Company’s partners.

Any reuse, reproduction or commercialization of its content – in whole or in part – in any form is strictly forbidden.


The Company reserves the right to modify these General Terms & Conditions without any notice.


These General Terms & Conditions are subject to French laws and regulations.

In case of problems of interpretation or implementation of these General Terms & Conditions or difficulty in the execution and accomplishment of one of the services booked online, any dispute between the Parties shall, if an amicable agreement cannot be reached, be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Cannes court.